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Life Threatening Haemorrhage Control Training (3Hrs)

A person suffering catastrophic blood loss may die from their injuries very quickly. A life-threatening external bleed can be caused injuries such as stabbings, shootings or severed limbs in an accident. Our Haemorrhage control training prepares learners for such an event. A victim can bleed to death in under 5 minutes unless someone competent is on hand to control the bleeding.

The Office National Data shows in the year ending 2023 that there were around 50,500 offences committed in the UK using sharp instruments. Knife crime/violent crime is becoming endemic in the UK.  SN04304PDF Document · 889 KB

A practical hands-on training course giving learners the skills and confidence to deliver rapid emergency care to a person suffering a severe/life threatening bleed.

The training focuses on the use of Haemorrhage Control Kits that are now routinely found within communities such as those supplied by the Daniel Baird Foundation.


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Learning Outcomes

On completion of training, successful candidates should be able to

•           Manage personal and scene safety

•           Call the emergency services and access a public access bleed kit

•           List the contents of a bleed control kit 

•           Recognise life threatening bleeding

•           Demonstrate  direct pressure 

•           Demonstrate wound packing 

•           Demonstrate the use of haemostatic dressings 

•           Demonstrate the use of trauma dressings

•           Demonstrate the use of tourniquets   

•           Demonstrate improvised bleed control if a bleed kit is not available

•           Carry out a patient handover (ATMIST)



Continuous  practical assessment carried out by the trainer.



Successful candidates will receive Response Training certificate of attendance 


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