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FAQ regarding our GDPR compliance.

Does personal data get transferred to a third party for processing or viewing & are they based outside of the UK? 

Yes. We transfer learner information to our awarding body Qualsafe Awards when learners undertake a QCF qualification. Qualsafe Awards are based in Bradford within the UK.

What is the method of this external transfer? 

All transfers of Information are either sent via scanned PDF documents to Qualsafe Awards via email, through Qualsafe Awards customer portal or via recorded/registered post.

What format is the personal data held in? 

Our data is stored in several formats including computer file, pdf, paper. We retain physical copies of registers, assessment documents and feedback forms.


What is the purpose for holding personal data? 
We need to have accurate information on learners (such as what qualifications they hold, when and where they undertook their training and when it expires). This is also a requirement of our Awarding Organisation, Qualsafe Awards.


Who else, other than individuals in your business area, has access to stored data? 
Only authorised personnel have access to learner information. We store all data in a secure location and ensure that has role-based access privileges are in place.


What data elements are transferred externally? 
We transfer learner names and other qualification information such as D.O.B, name, job title, location, student email address the course date, certification type to Qualsafe Awards.


They use this information to issue certification and may use name and date of birth as a method of ensuring they do not hold duplicate records. 


What is the purpose of the external transfer? 
We need to transfer information in order to receive a certificate for our learners


How long is data stored for and what is the justification for this? 
OFQUAL requirements state we must hold learner records for at least three years, and therefore this is what we do. 

Reviewed 01-11-2023

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